Let Dead Dreams Die

On nights like these

do you ever look into the sky?

You try to find me

but you’re not sure why.


Do you ever wonder why you look

or care where I hide?

Everywhere you look

I am concealed from your eye.


Dear confused soul

why do you scan the skies for me?

I have gone from this place

where I am, I am free.


Tonight you examine the starry night

with eyes like the hands of a careful physician.

But I will not be found

among the constellations.


Your determination makes me wonder

if you and I

if we ever knew each other

if once upon a time we said “Goodbye?”


I see you,

gazing, surveying, staring at the sky.

There is nothing here but a lost dream

that has come here to die.


Cast your curious eyes elsewhere, Stranger.

Don’t you examine the skies

for what is left of me.

Don’t you ask me why.


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