Boy From the Milky Way

You are so much like a star

I coaxed from the sky

with hopes made of hydrogen and helium

burning too faintly in my mind for me to ever understand why.


Is it you that I want

for your beautiful mind

or is it something much simpler

something so shallow I don’t dare define?


I crave you too much

defeating all reason and logic

mining for gem stones the color of your irises

and seeking sunsets that remind me of your strange magic


But were you ever a star

or were you just on fire and falling, calling me pretty

racing through the atmosphere of my dangerous imagination

knocked from your orbit around the Milky Way galaxy


Were the two of us together

Simply two lost souls wondering who we were

two mature kids and childish adults trying to find our way

or maybe I was another mortal seeking your immortal cure


I might have been

just a pawn in your game of chess

glad to be the streak behind your meteorite

but I wish there could have been something more, I confess


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