Following the Death of My Aunt’s Sister

When I saw my aunt crying, the grief passing out of her pores

diffused into the cells of my once carefree and happy self.

For nights afterward the tears would diffuse

Out of my Eyes

like some strange osmosis where my grief felt the need to escape.

I wish I had a selectively permeable membrane.

I wish I could select what I wanted to affect me and what did not affect me.

But I understand the diffusion of grief.

Grief will travel from one hypertonic person to a hypotonic person

until that household is fully isotonic

like an equilibrium of grief.

Over time grief melts away and is replaced by guilt.

I am taking an introductory biology class. For one assignment I had to use the following vocabulary words in a poem: diffusion, osmosis, selectively permeable membrane, equilibrium, hypotonic, isotonic, and hypertonic. This is what I created.


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